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 Shenzhen Pengxin Car Rental Co., Ltd is the independent Legal Representative that registered as the Company Law of the People's Republic of China. It mainly operates in the renting of all kinds of medium and top grade car, which includes: BMW, BENZ, AUDI,BUICK GL8, BUICK REGAL, PASSAT.

Our corporation promise to provide all kinds of business and commercial car with the certificate and all the risk covered.

24 Hour Service
We are prepared to provide service at any time and no vocation. Please dial our 24 hour hotline: 13600192843 to obtain our warm service.
On-site service
If you are too busy to handle it, we’ll send the related professional stuff to carry out on-site service only needs your call.

Car Replacement
If the rented car breaks up during the repair period, our corporation provides the temporary car for replacement.

Regular Maintenance
Our corporation carries out the regular maintenance for the car to ensure the normal operation of the rented car.

Car Risks
We covers the risk for all the car and responsible for the claim for compensation. You can drive your car without any worry.

Service with driver
If it is inconvenient for you to drive, we can select a qualified driver for you.

Complaint Call
If you are unsatisfied with our service, please dial the complaint call: 0755-82433866 or {0}13600192843(24 hour). If your suggestions are accepted and form the regulation of our corporation, you’ll obtain the renting time for encouragement.

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Address : Shenzhen City nosy Four Qingan Aviation Building tel:(0755)82433866
fax:(0755)82433166      Mobile:13823250526 /13600192843   Website :http://www.szpx163.cn